ICAEE 2014-2015


ICAEE 2015

Busan, Korea | February 12-13, 2015

Best Paper Award
Session 1
Presenter's Name: Yeonjeong Jeong
Presenter's Affiliation: Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Republic of Korea
Paper Title: Implementation of Digital Cinema Mastering System supporting Multiple Encoding and Wrapping Servers


ICAEE 2014

Singapore | February 19-20, 2014

Best Paper Award
Session 1
Presenter's Name: Bijoy Kumar Upadhyaya
Presenter's Affiliation: Tripura Institute of Technology, Narsingarh, India
Paper Title: Memory Efficient LUT based Address Generator for OFDM-WiMAX De-interleaver

Session 2
Presenter's Name: Kyeong-Seop Kim
Presenter's Affiliation: Konkuk University, Korea
Paper Title: Design and Implementation of Digital Filters for Mobile Healthcare Applications