Recent News

September 9, 2018, News ! The conference venue has been changed to 'Hotel Royal Kuala Lumpur'. (Check)
August 16, 2018, News ! The submision deadline of ICSTE 2018 has been extended to September 10, 2018 (Check).
April 9, 2018, News !
The conference venue has been confirmed. ICAEE 2018 will be held in University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. (Check)
January 16, 2018, News ! The ICAEE 2018 will be held in Kuala Lumpur during 27-29, October 2018. The submission will be open soon. (Check)
November 7, 2017, Good News !
 Thanks to the participation and support of every attendee, ICAEE has been successfully held in the Graduate House of the University of Hong Kong (Check).
September 23, 2017, News ! Assoc. Prof. P. W. T. Pong will give a plenary speech titled 'Advancing New Frontiers of Autonomous Internet-of-Things (A-IoT) by Magnetic Sensors' at the conference. (Check).
August 24, 2017, News ! The one-day tour will be arranged on October 29. Attendees should register for joining the tour if interested (Check).
March 9, 2017, News ! The conference venue of ICAEE 2017 has been decide at Graduate House, The University of Hong Kong (Check).
January 17, 2017, News ! The submission for ICAEE 2017 is open now (Check).